4X-DAT Software

The most advanced, fully automated Forex trading solution for all Forex traders, from beginners to seasoned traders. The 4X-DAT™ enables any trader from beginner to advanced, to automate the various trading strategies incorporated into the software, which are totally customizable by each individual trader to his or her own trading style, risk tolerance, etc. l.

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Crypto-DAT Software

The Crypto-DAT (The Crypto Dynamic Auto Trader) is the most complete cryptocurrency trading automation solution available. Users enjoy professional hedge fund level trade automation tailored specifically for the World's newest and most volatile asset class.

GCU Airdrop recipients can be among the first to gain access the software for free by paying subscription fees with free air-dropped GCU.

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Global Currency Unit

Global Currency Unit (GCU) is a cryptocurrency that is accepted as payment for the Crypto-Dat Software, or for funding managed brokerage accounts at our partner, Automata FX. Register today to receive free GCU through the GCU Airdrop.

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Review Our White Paper

Our team's experience spans decades. We've outlined critical advancements that crypto traders need in this volatile market along with our technological solutions in our white paper.

Meet The Founder - Joseph Nemeth

Decades of trading a variety of instruments, from Equities to Options, to Futures and Forex, Joseph Nemeth has a vast depth of trading knowledge.

Nemeth and his team have spent the last 15 years developing trade automation software and addressing issues inherent in automated trading with a fervent focus on developing advantages for traders in an industry designed to profit from trader's losses.

This unique experience has built the foundation for products that give traders a decisive advantage. Check out the video to meet Joseph Nemeth.

Partnering With Trustworthy Brokerages

Over the past three years of unobstructed, unadulterated, properly executed trade orders, one thing has become abudantly clear... our brokerage partnership with Automata FX was the right move. It was right for us in that we were able to prove that our software works and it was the right move for our clients as they could finally enjoy a fair shake from a Forex Brokerage.

Our trading results have been exceptional and are available for review by anyone who wishes to see our trading as it happens in real time. Visitors of Automata FX can download our platform and view the results for themselves.

Automata FX has agreed to accept our own unique cryptocurrency - GCU (Global Currency Units) for funding brokerage accounts.

Introducing GCU (Global Currency Unit)

With the advent of Distributed Ledger Technology, the ability to create and distribute tradable digital units backed by real world assets has become efficient, equitable and simple.


GCU represents an asset that has a built-in market, as it can be used to pay monthly subscription dues for the new Crypto-DAT automated cryptocurrency trading platform, priced at $1,000 USD or 1,000 GCUs per month. Additionally, brokerage accounts at our brokerage partner Automata FX can be funded with Global Currency Units (GCU).

Global Profit Technologies will release up to 1.6 Billion FREE GCU through our exclusive Air Drop for those who wish to use our tokens for our products and services or who simply intend to own an asset with real world utility. This free air-drop requires nothing more than some assistance in spreading the word.